Wiring Harness Kit For Std Len CCD Camera

Price: $49.95

This harness is ideal when you want to use our Standard Length CCD camera (CAM2764S) with a display (say from an aftermarket navigation system) you already own.

Please note that this harness can only be sold with specific CUBBYCAM cameras. Please do not order if you have your own camera.

This harness includes everything you need to provide a +12V signal to your display switch circuit when you place the vehicle in reverse or manually turn on the display with the included override switch. This harness will prevent voltage backflow into the reverse light circuit when using manual override.

The kit includes everything you need to connect the camera to your display including:

  • Manual override switch
  • 20' RCA Video Cable
  • Custom power wiring harness
  • Fuses and fuse holders
  • Wiretaps and ground rings
  • Black tiewraps
  • 18' of 1/4" Black split-loom tubing
  • Custom installation instructions (27+ pages chock full of pictures) (Only available from CUBBYCAM)

    Shipping Time: Usually Ships Next Business Day

Addiitonal Images:

Model: ACCWHCAM2764S Shipping Weight: 1lbs