CUBBYCAM System w/ Std Camera

Price: $599.00

CUBBYCAM System with Standard Camera.

Ideal for custom installations into GM Trucks and SUVs since it includes the famous CUBBYCAM factory-look dash monitor and standard camera but no camera mount. (See other CUBBYCAM kits for cameras with mounts.)


Kit Includes the following:

  • CUBBYCAM In-Dash 3.5" LCD monitor
    Exclusive factory-look 3.5" LCD monitor with angled bezel for GM Trucks and SUVs. (only CUBBYCAM has it!)
  • CCD Color Camera
    High-quality 1-lux 1/3" CCD Std Len color camera. Water resistant to IP67 standards. (No cheapie EBAY cameras here!- Excellent low-light performance without IR gimmicks.)
  • Override swtich
    See who is behind you while you drive. See beyond that blind spot.
  • All wiring and hardware needed for installation
    Even the split-loom tubing and wireties! No trips to store with our kits!
  • Comprehensive full-color installation guide 30+ pages of detailed step-by-step instructions with a DIY'r in mind. Includes full-color photos in PDF format. Available on CD or email delivery.
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Addiitonal Images:

Model: PKG2764SCC Shipping Weight: 3lbs