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How to get the messages app on your GM Infotainment 3 system

Messages app on GMs infotainment 3 system

Missing the messages app on your 2019 and newer GM vehicle? Did you have the ability to listen and respond to your text messages on your older vehicle? Are you frustrated with this omission on your brand new car or truck?

Note that this article is for the newer infotainment system installed in 2019 and later GM vehicles called GM Infotainment System 3. (This video shows off the system.)  The screen on your car or truck should like the the one in the picture above. If it doesn’t and your car is older than 2018, this article doesn’t apply to you. (And you already have the messages app built into your vehicle.)

Then read on.. this post tells you how to get that functionality back….

First off, I can’t take credit for discovering this trick. User Rocz3cqg at the GM-Trucks.com forum did the legwork on this. I’m only posting here to answer frequently asked questions and provide a place that people can reference to replicate the process so they can get the messages app on their new GM vehicle with the new Infotainment 3 system.  (At least as of the date of this posting.)  Note that I have personally done this myself and can vouch that it works.

So how do you get it on your vehicle? See below for quick steps. Read on for more detail and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


  • Send an email to ExecReferral@gm.com and tell them that your vehicle had  the messages app when you bought the vehicle and now it is missing and that you want it back. Be sure to include the VIN. (Feel free to use the template I used below.)


    My dealer said that you can help me with having the messages app on my 2019 Volt put back into the OnStar App Store.

    When I purchased the vehicle, the messages app was on my system, but after a subsequent update it went away. Can you please have your technical team re-enable that?

    My VIN is 1XYZ126S51KU123456.

    Thank you,
    Joe Blow
    (510) 123-4984

  • Expect no communication from anyone at GM for 2-5 days.
  • You will most likely receive an email from Connectedvehiclesupport@onstar.com stating:

    We understand how important it is for you to have access to all of your Onstar services. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have exhausted all attempts at resolving this issue through our channels. Please visit your dealer to have this issue resolved.

    I will contact you when more information is available.  If you have additional questions or concerns, we can be reached at the number listed below.

    Thank you,
    OnStar Connected Vehicle Support
    Phone Number: 1-888-4ONSTAR     1-888-466-7827
    This is an unmonitored mailbox – Please do not reply to this communication

    Don’t worry, this is good news! The email actually means they added the messages app do your AppStore for downloading.

  • Go to the Apps icon on our vehicle’s main screen and scroll through all apps and you will now see the messages app. Download and enjoy!
  • Probably a day or two later you’ll get a phone call from the executive team at GM following up on the case.

If you were successful, unsuccessful or have updated information to provide, please comment below so we can keep this article fresh with new information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why did GM remove the app in the first place?

    A: It isn’t entirely clear, but based on my research, GM knows that Apple Car Play and Android Auto do a better job at messages anyway, and with the forthcoming wireless versions or Car Play and Android Auto, it didn’t make sense to continue development of a separate app.

    The was also a mention that the app is buggy and people were unhappy with it. I have noticed some bugs (particularly during inital setup when not text messages were not being properly downloaded to the car), but so far nothing earthshattering. Having flawed functionality is better than not having it at all in this case.

  • Q: Why do I even need this app? I use Car Play and/or Android Auto for my messages.

    A:You have to plug into your vehicles USB port (at least as of the date of this article) in order to use the messages (and other) functionality that AA and CP provide. The messages app allows you to listen to and reply (with canned messages) using your phones bluetooth wireless connection. It works when your phone is not plugged in.

  • Q:  Can’t I just press the OnStar button in my car to get the messages app instead of having to do this mumbo-jumbo?

    A: I tried that and it didn’t work. The Onstar technical rep I spoke to said it wasn’t possible. He was actually quite condescending (implying that I was foolish for even asking for such a thing that didn’t exist). 

  • Q: Is this a permanent fix? Will the app go away again?

    A: There is no way to know. Onstar can get rid of it at anytime. My guess is that it will not happen until the wireless versions of AA and CP are available.

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